Behaviour and RRS

 Learning with Love and Laughter

Here at the Brook Infant School and Nursery we want every child to be successful in 'Learning with Love and Laughter'. We teach the children through our Sparkly Rights about how to make good choices each day. 

Our Sparkly Rights are:

  • I have the right to be safe and healthy.
  • I have the right to have a voice and be heard.
  • I have a right to be different and be me.
  • I have a right to play and have fun.
  • I have a right to learn.
  • I have a right to be a part of this world.
We have been looking at behaviour and how to help our children to be positive citizens of both our school and the community and have reviewed what we do. Please see our Behaviour and Rights and Responsibilities policy which we have tweaked with the help of the children. This has really helped the children know how to make those right choices each day.

In each class and around the school you will see our behaviour charter on display. The children helped develop this with their teachers and it embodies the behaviour you see as you walk around our school.
How can you support at home?
  • Model good manners for them explicitly - teach them how to say please and thank you such as at the checkout, getting off the bus or when out shopping if someone holds a door open for them.
  • Celebrate and demonstrate how proud you are when they receive any of the rewards mentioned above.