Resources and Premises Committee - Roles and responsibilities

The Resources and Premises Committee meets at least once a term and more frequently during the spring term when the budget is being prepared. In addition the Chair meets periodically throughout each term with the Business Manager and Headteacher to review the Schools finances. Premises is reviewed following a ‘walk about’ of the school to observe at first hand all issues relating to school buildings and grounds. These include on-going maintenance, and security, as well as any new development projects that are included in the school’s Premises Development Plan.

The Resources and Premises Committee’s main responsibilities are:

  • To provide guidance to the Governing Body on all financial matters
  • To propose and approve an annual budget within the local authority constraints
  • To comply with the Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS) laid down by Government
  • To ensure that appropriate financial records and accounts are maintained and to make these available for audit on an annual basis
  • To determine pay scales/levels for all staff
  • To monitor the implementation of the school’s Performance Management Policy
  • To monitor all staff appointments, ensuring all procedures in respect of this comply with the current law
  • To ensure proper policies exist for dealing with staff discipline, grievance, capability, redundancy, pay and staff absence, including sickness
  • To review the staffing structure regularly taking into account the needs of the school development plan
  • Discussed and review of improvement projects and contractors approached for quotes. An agreed level of delegation is passed to the Headteacher for day to day responsibility of the premises.
  • health and safety role, and considers any premises related issues which may arise. These include the necessary risk assessments for health and safety, security and fire
  • ensure that premises and fire safety measures are sufficient - including alarm systems and regular fire drills.
  • ensure the preparation, regular review and revision, where necessary, of a written Accessibility Plan to increase participation of disabled pupils within the physical environment of the school.