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How do we celebrate achievement at Brook Infant School and Nursery
We have so many ways for celebrating achievement here at Brook Infant School and Nursery that it would be impossible to list them all. Below are some of the main ways.
Our Sparkly Fish Award
Certificates are given to children who are demonstrating our Sparkly Rights. During our celebration assembly on a Friday morning, our sparkly fish awards are handed out.  Parents are notified by text and a whisper in the ear from the class teacher and are invited to attend. We keep it a secret from the child until the Thursday afternoon. One child from each class receives a fish which they decorate to go on our board.  They also get given a sticker.
Headteacher’s Award
Children are sent to Mrs Cox when they have worked extra hard or done something amazing. They then receive one of her ‘Headteacher’s Award’ certificates and stickers.
The Tidy Cloakroom and Classroom Award
We encourage the children to keep their cloakrooms and classrooms tidy by awarding a trophy each week for the tidiest cloakroom and the tidiest classroom. There is a tally chart kept of these class awards and the tallies are counted up each year and the class or classes that have the most, get to go to the park for a treat.
Marvellous Manners
At Brook Infant School and Nursery manners are very important to us and so the expectation is that all children use their manners in school.  We reward children who have marvellous manners and they might get a certificate for things like always remembering their please or thank you; holding the door open; waiting their turn for something; or helping someone else.  Any child who is caught always using their marvellous manners, they will be presented with a certificate during our Celebration Assembly that is held every Friday at 08:40.

You can help at home by always modelling good manners for them explicitly and demonstrating how proud you are when they receive any of our rewards.

Introducing Billy and Betty Bear
For many years we have had Billy Bear and this year he has been joined by Betty Bear.  Billy and Betty Bear are given to the children who demonstrate that they always keep our ‘Sparkly Rights’ or to children who have shown immense bravery, resilience and kindness.  Billy and Betty Bear then get to go home with the child they have been given to and they stay there for the whole week.  Again, during Celebration Assembly we award the two bears to the children and we also hear about their adventures the week before.
Golden Tickets
Our ‘Golden Tickets’ are awarded for fabulous lunchtime behaviour.  These tickets can be given for children who eat all of their lunch; come into the hall sensibly; clear away their things sensibly; using the manners.  The children get to write their name onto their ‘Golden Ticket’ and post it into the ‘Golden Ticket’ box.  These tickets then get read out during our Celebration Assembly and the children get to come and stand at the front of the hall ready to receive their clap from everybody.