After School Club Planning

Easter Fun - Monday 29th, Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st March


Next week we are having a fun packed three days of Easter fun with crafts, woodland adventures, popcorn and ice cream!  Please see our flyer with all the information of what is happening on each day.  Come and join us!!


Spring Term topic

We shall be using the topic “On the Move” as our creative base for games and craft activities.

Books are a key element of our planning and we shall be looking at and enjoying a range of transport themed ones from Mike Smith’s, The Hundred Decker Bus, how would the children transport all those people? What would their bus look like?

Creating our own balloons to fly around the galaxy like Peter Bently and Mei Matsuoka’s, The Great Balloon Hullaballoo.

Whilst it’s still dark for our outside play we shall be making shadow, transport puppets and using our big spot light to tell stories. 

Where in the world would your aeroplane take you? Looking at Katie Haworth and Daniel Bieley’s, Emma Jane’s Aeroplane, an adventure taking them to Capital cities all around the world.

Using many different shapes what kind of vehicle can the children make? Can they also design something from an igloo, or pyramid, dinosaur, or even a carrot or guitar shape like Carl Johansson does in All kinds of Cars.

After our wonderful experience in the woodland before Christmas, we shall be spending more time in there, making new discoveries and experiences in the amazing space available to us. It’s a vast topic that can take us anywhere, to anytime, via any means that our imagination wants to take us!

We look forward to seeing in Club.



 Below are some photos from our recent topic last term.  More photos to come from this terms activities...