Celebrating Achievement

How do we celebrate achievement at Brook Infant School and Nursery
Staff are always on the lookout for prosocial behaviours to celebrate. We believe praise should be personal and specific. Children are given verbal and non-verbal (e.g. thumbs up) praise throughout the day which is sometimes supported by a sticker.
Our Sparkly Fish Award
Certificates are given to children who have shown a special effort to demonstrate our Core Values that week. On a Friday morning, our sparkly fish awards are handed to Mrs Cox who invites the children to her office to celebrate this with them before they bring it home to celebrate with you.
Headteacher’s Award
Children are also sent to Mrs Cox when they have worked extra hard or done something amazing. They then receive one of her ‘Headteacher’s Award’ certificates and stickers.
Billy and Betty Bear
Billy and Betty Bear are given to the children who always demonstrate our core values or to children who have shown immense bravery, resilience and kindness.  Billy and Betty Bear then get to go home with the child they have been given to and they stay there for the whole weekend.