School Meals

Hot Meals
Hot School meals are provided every day by Chartwells. These are freshly prepared and brought into school every day and steam cooked on site.

Parents order the meals via the ParentPay website 10 days in advance.

If your child has any food allergies ie egg, gluten, milk or nuts and are having school dinners then you will need to set up a Special Diet directly with Chartwells. If your child does have a food allergy and you don't have a special diet menu in place then unfortunately your child will be unable to have hot food in school. It is parents responsibility in conjunction with Chartwells to agree a safe and appropriate menu. 
You will be asked to provide a medical certificate confirming your child’s allergy from either a doctor or a dietician. Please contact the Chartwells Special Diets Team on
Packed Lunch

We are a healthy school so we like to make sure that the children’s meals are well balanced. If you are providing a packed lunch we ask that you make sure that it does not contain fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolate (chocolate coated biscuits are allowed).

We do ask that you make sure that there are NO NUTS AND NO SEEDS in any of your child’s food that they bring into school. Unfortunately if food that contains NUTS and SEEDS comes into school it will be removed.

Any food your child doesn’t eat is put back in the lunchbox for you to keep an eye on. Please don’t overload your child’s lunchbox.